Why Buy The Honda Pilot

2020 Honda PilotLooking for a new SUV that fits all of your needs can be a daunting task. The last thing you want to do after work or over your weekend is researching the pros and cons of different makes and models. It can seem like each vehicle offers something the other can’t. That’s until Honda released the new Honda Pilot. This tech-infused modern piece of craftsmanship not only aesthetically steals the show, but also doubles as a reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient SUV loaded with creature comforts throughout.

Safety Features

Let’s start with the available Intelligent Traction Management System. This allows drivers to select the current road conditions, improving the traction and safety for your journey. Whether you’re driving in snowy, muddy, sandy, or normal conditions, the Pilot puts safety at the front and center of its design. 

The new 2020 Honda Pilot comes with an extra set of eyes to watch your right and your left as you roll down the road. The Road Departure Mitigation System, or RDM, are those eyes. Using a camera to observe the road ahead, the RDM looks out for those behind the wheel by sending an alert if the vehicle is drifting off the road. This means that even when your co-pilot drifts off to sleep during a road trip, you still have some help getting to your destination safely.

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Technology Features

Among a bounty of tech features included in the 2020 Pilot is something that many of its competitors don’t offer; a rear entertainment system. Honda’s Rear Entertainment System allows those riding in the back to watch and listen to content on the built-in flip-down screen. As many know, so often the key to peaceful drive is the mood of the ones buckled in the back.

But, just in case that wasn’t enough to impress you here are a few more features included in the 2020 Pilot: 

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability
  • One-Touch Second-Row Seats
  • Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System

Add a moonroof, heated seats, and an audio system that will have you jamming to your favorite artist in the driveway long after you put the car into park and you’re a little closer to understanding what the 2020 Honda Pilot provides. 

If you find yourself curious about everything available in the brand new 2020 Honda Pilot feel free to give Arrowhead Honda a call. Or browse our inventory online and check one out for yourself.