Visit The Peoria Sports Complex


The month of February, while technically still winter, is the gateway into spring. For the next month, people everywhere will long for the temperatures to rise and for the sun to poke itself out just a little bit more. When that does happen, though, there’s only one place you’re going to want to be — outside, under the sun and the clear blue sky. The best place to enjoy that experience? We recommend the Peoria Sports Complex. This time of year, you can catch baseball games, clinics, and even register for youth baseball.

Homerun For the Whole Fam

You might be thinking to yourself “Hmmm, what’s something we could do that involves the whole family?” Spring training is your answer! These games are not just for the adults, they are for everyone of all ages. In fact, they make the best outing for a family who’s tired of being cooped up inside. The stadium is smaller, which means you’re right there, sure to catch every detail about the game. Also, that means you can keep an eye on the little ones while they frolic with their friends. The adults can bask in the sun and watch the teams, while the kids can run off some energy, all closeby. There are also frequent activities and games to be played.

It’s best to go ahead and get your tickets, just so you can ensure that you have the option. Spring training is the perfect time to get outdoors, after all, so you might not be the only one with the idea. You can get those tickets either online or by visiting the Peoria Sports Complex Ticket Office. The hours through February 21 are 10 am until 2 pm, but closed on Sundays. After that, the office will open at 9 am on days that 1:10 pm games are held. On days with 6:40 pm games, it will open at noon.

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Youth Baseball and Little League

Peoria Sports Complex hosts multiple tournaments for Youth and Little League throughout the season. Youth tournaments are organized by private groups and often attract collegiate and professional scouts along with travel ball clubs. These tournaments are focused towards high school-aged players. Little League games are played on weeknights and Saturdays during the spring and summer seasons.

City Events and Event Space

Annual city events are hosted at the Peoria Sports Complex. Make plans to visit for the Dolly Sanchez Memorial Easter Egg Hunt in April, the All-American Festival in July, and even the Halloween Monster Bash in October. You can host your next event, meeting, or wedding in one of the many indoor or outdoor spaces.

The Peoria Sports Complex is the hot spot to be during the Spring and Summer. Check out the event calendar and grab tickets today!