6 Types Of Tires For The Honda Accord

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Buying new tires for your car can be costly and unexciting. Even though it may be the last thing you want to do as a car owner, it is actually the most important. Having poor tires can make driving extremely dangerous and can cause other vehicle issues you may have to deal with in the future. When buying new tires for your car it is essential to purchase the best match for your vehicle. Here are six types of tires best suited for the Honda Accord.

Cooper Grand Touring Radial Tire

This is a great tire if you are looking for something inexpensive and reliable in all types of weather. This tire is designed to fit modern passenger vehicles, SUVs, and is also suitable for the Honda Accord. The 3D micro-gauge and asymmetric tread pattern make it great for any road.

Michelin Premier A/S Touring Radial Tire

The Michelin tire makes for a smooth and quiet ride. With features like reduced vibration and sound, wet grip, and EverGrip technology, you will be set for a comfortable drive in any weather condition.

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial

Goodyear is known for making a great tire, and that is just what they did when they made the Assurance Comfortred tire. The tire is reliable with year-round handling and asymmetric tread for the best performance possible. With 20% more cushion than the standard tire, you will enjoy every moment on the road.

Continental Truecontact Tire

Continental is best known for being long-lasting and hardwearing. These tires are designed to hold up to 1874 Lbs a load, drive through any weather, and also help with fuel efficiency.

Yokohama ENVigor All-Season Tire

The ENVigor tires were designed to give the best performance possible as well as comfort. The tires are made of all-season silica tread that makes for great traction as well as performance. These tires are lightweight making for smooth driving through snow or any weather that may come your way.

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Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track Tire

The Turanza was designed to be driven through tough weather conditions while still being able to have excellent handling and fuel reduction features. The high-tech treads will make sure you remain stable on the roads no matter what weather you may face.